“My girls had their first lesson yesterday and thought it was cool that they could just listen instead of reading...I think it’s great.”
— L.H., Ontario Canada

FAQ: What grade is Volume 1 for? Answer: GRADES 3-6. Volume 2 will be GRADES 6-8. Scroll down to bottom of page for a more detailed explanation of grade levels.

...The Peacock blue was stunning. “Look, Mom, we did an Art Attack!” my daughters exulted. They had an Art attack and I had a heart attack. Not really, but that educational Art Attack show was now banned from their repertoire of acceptable programming...
— excerpt from Hope for Homeschool Burnout ebook

Headphone History can be used for the whole family, from grades 1-8 audio + workbook, and even adults are buying it just to listen to the audio. Provincial standards usually combine history, geography, global and community studies in the primary-junior grades, and do not follow a chronological order. Since Headphone History is specifically a history of Canada, and is in chronological order, the above grade levels are approximate based on the content covered.