The author of Headphone History has written a new book, and here’s what readers are saying:

I finished reading your book this morning. Well done! I really enjoyed it and it’s a keeper so I can refer back to it from time to time...
— -C.D., Ontario Canada
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It’s finally here! New book by the author of Headphone History

$14 plus shipping. Don’t forget to PIN on Pinterest for later! 200 pages in paperback format.

Includes chapters on curriculum slavery, scheduling stress, mother care, holiday season simplification, the Guilt List, and more!

Now, about the history

“My girls had their first lesson yesterday and thought it was cool that they could just listen instead of reading...I think it’s great.”
— L.H., Ontario Canada
The inclusion of stories and legends to take facts and make them come more alive was a great touch.
— -Lisa Marie Fletcher of The Canadian Homeschooler
...The Peacock blue was stunning. “Look, Mom, we did an Art Attack!” my daughters exulted. They had an Art attack and I had a heart attack. Not really, but that educational Art Attack show was now banned from their repertoire of acceptable programming...
— excerpt from Enough Already! Real Help for Homeschool Burnout, Freak Out and Zone Out

Headphone History can be used for the whole family, from grades 1-8 audio + workbook, and even adults are buying it just to listen to the audio. Provincial standards usually combine history, geography, global and community studies in the primary-junior grades, and do not follow a chronological order. Since Headphone History is specifically a history of Canada, and is in chronological order, the above grade levels are approximate based on the content covered.