Using Headphone History in your Homeschool

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Choose your level of engagement with this curriculum-that’s the beauty of it!

Headphone History consists of an audio history either in CD form or digital MP3 format, and a reproducible workbook. The Canadian history taught in volume one is usually for grades 3-6 in content, but can be used for younger and older children and even adults. Everyone can learn together at every level.

It is perfect for the multi-tasking home educator because the actual teaching is done for you- you just direct the activities.

The Simplest Level of Engagement

You are very busy and you need to supplement what you are doing just to make sure that there is some history learning going on. Play the audio in the car on the way to piano or swimming lessons.

Next Level

Have your children listen to the audio and colour the colouring pages that accompany what is being taught. Your younger students can do the copywork pages while the older ones can do word finds and crossword puzzles. Questions can be used for oral discussions around the table after listening together.

Curriculum Level

Use this as a complete Canadian history curriculum. Have your students listen and complete all of the worksheet pages (except the copywork ones for little ones). They may wish to listen more than once to review and retain what information is needed to answer the questions . There are assignments, tests and a final test. There is even a record sheet to record their test marks, assignments and discussion participation.

Unit Studies

You can listen and do the worksheets for a particular topic such as the Norse in Canada as a unit study at home or in a co-op group. You have permission to reproduce sheets for your homeschool co-op class.

Tip: If you have purchased the audio MP3 format and downloaded it onto your computer, you can import it into Itunes and sync it with your phone so that you can listen in the car with your aux cord or bluetooth

Tip: If you want to print a whole workbook for your child, you can upload, print it and get it spiral bound at and pick it up at your local staples store or have it shipped to you. Or, you can just print the sheets as you need them.